Home for Cash

Home for Cash is a special loan designed specifically for those whose income is mainly from salary base and who are in need of fund for operating business or personal usage to increase the living standard and generate more income sources. This type of loan requires customers to provide the legal deeds of their residential house or land as collateral.

Product Features
  • Currency:

    KHR, USD and THB

  • Term:

    Up to 72 months for every loan size and currencies

  • Loan size:

    Up to USD 50,000 or equivalent to other currencies

  • Interest rate:

    0.95% per Monthly

  • Repayment mode:

    Flexible repayment

  • Competitive interest rate
  • Flexibility of the loan tenure
  • The ability to choose a term to suit your needs

Notice: Bank reserves the rights to change the above information without prior notice.