Tourism Recovery Co-Financing Scheme

Tourism Recovery Co-Financing Scheme is a very special loan initiated by the Royal Government of Cambodia to support clients in the tourism sector, such as hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, food and beverage supply, supply of other products and services that support the tourism industry with lower interest rate.

Product Features

·         Currency:                         KHR and USD

·         Term:                                Up to 84 months

·         Loan size:                         Up to USD 400,000 or equivalentto other currencies

·         Interest rate:                    0.54%

·         Repayment mode:           Flexible repayment


·         Competitive interest rates

·         Flexible repayment mode​​ base on client’s cash flow

·         Long loan term base on business needs

·         Easy access loan with our large distribution network nationwide

·         Many channels to do repayment such as Wing, TrueMoney, Hattha Mobile, and bank branches nationwide

Note: Hattha Bank reserves the rights to change the above condition and interest rate without prior notice.