Domestic in-House Transfer

Hattha Bank's Domestic In-House Transfer is a secure and affordable fund transfer service available to all Cambodian people across the country. The service does not require the sender nor receiver to have an account with Hattha Bank. Customers can conveniently perform fund transfer at one of Hattha Bank's network of 177 branches nationwide.

Product Features

Transaction Location

Transfer to Account

Transfer to Non-Account



Account to Non-Account

Non-Account to Non-Account

Phnom Penh and Takmao

Free of Charge

USD 1.50 – 0.15%

Within the same province

Free of Charge


USD 1.00 – 0.10%


·         Low service fee, high security, fast service

·         Can perform fund transfer in KHR, USD, or THB

·         Do not require a savings account with Hattha Bank (neither the sender nor receiver)

·         The receiver can withdraw money in no time

·         Fund transfer makes easy with Hattha Bank’s network of 171 branches nationwide

Note: Hattha Bank reserves the rights to change the above condition and service fees without prior notice.