Hattha Bank Employees in Siem Reap province Volunteered to Donate Blood Under the theme “Donate Blood to Save Life, and Help Society”

Siem Reap – August 27th, 2022: there were more than 138 Hattha Bank employees from branch offices in Siem Reap province volunteered to donate blood under the theme of “Donate Blood to Save Life, and Help Society”. The event was held at National Blood Transfusion Center which is located in Siem Reap Provincial Hospital and presided by H E Dr. Kros Sarath, Director of the Siem Reap Provincial Health Department and Dr. Pen Phalkun, Director of Siem Reap Provincial Hospital as well as collaborators, and Mr. Chhoun Sokha, Siem Reap Regional Director of Hattha Bank as well as branch managers and staff about 150 participants totally.

Mr. Chhoun Sokha, Siem Reap Regional Director of Hattha Bank said, “The blood donation of Hattha Bank staff for today’s event is a beneficial humanity activity that is extremely valuable in saving lives. Today’s social activity demonstrates Hattha Bank's commitment to contributing to the betterment of Cambodian social well-being. Please be informed that in May this year, in collaboration with the National Blood Transfusion Center, Hattha Bank has already held a blood donation event once in Phnom Penh with 108 volunteers of Hattha Bank Head Office employees and received 74 units of blood to support the National Blood Transfusion Center."

He continued, “Hattha Bank is always actively involved in social activities, including health, education and humanity activities such as: Constructing of buildings and donating medical beds for hospitals, constructing of school buildings, fundraising for Angkor Hospital for Children, providing school supplies for students, providing wells, teaching clients and students about savings, planting trees, collecting rubbish along the streets, repairing street, donating money to National Bank of Cambodia to support social activity and supporting the Government to purchase COVID-19 vaccines. Once again, today’s blood donation event, “Donate Blood to Save Life, and Help Society” is the further participation of Hattha Bank in contributing to promoting social welfare.

Finally, he believed that today's activity will become a very good role model for promoting and encouraging to have more voluntary blood donations.