Hattha Bank has maintained the company’s credit rating at BBB+ / stable for 5 consecutive years

Phnom Penh, April 28, 2023: Hattha Bank, one of Cambodia's leading commercial banks, has maintained the company’s credit rating at BBB+/stable for five consecutive years based on its clear vision and corporate stability and the improved rating from "A-" to "AA+" based on loan data collection. This rating indicates that Hattha Bank has a stable business operation and a strong position in the Cambodian market. Many key indicators are taken into account, including the nationwide branch network, customers from all walks of life, good risk management systems, and strong financial and cash flow management systems.

Oknha Hout Ieng Tong, President, and CEO of Hattha Bank said, "The result of this rating (BBB +) is a testament to our shareholders' commitment to pursue the right business direction and high efficiency. I am confident that this rating will enable Hattha Bank to raise a variety of source capital funding to contribute to the further growth of our business.

About Hattha Bank:

Hattha Bank officially transformed from Hattha Kaksekar Microfinance Institution Limited into a commercial bank in August 2020 after providing financial services in Cambodia for nearly 30 years. As of January 2023, Hattha Bank has a total of 177 branch offices, 143 ATMs, and over 643 thousand customer accounts with a total portfolio of more than USD 1.9 billion and a total savings portfolio of more than USD 1.3 billion. Hattha Bank provides a wide array of financial services for clients including loans, deposits, domestic money transfers, cross-bank transfers to local banks, cross-border remittance, ATM service, Mobile Banking, payroll service, as well as the referral agent of insurance service, and much more. Hattha Bank is a subsidiary of Krungsri Bank, the fifth-largest commercial bank in the Kingdom of Thailand, and a member of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), Japan's largest financial group and also one of the largest financial services alliances in the world.