Collection Service

Collection Service is a type of service that allows all business partners who have entered into an agreement with Hattha Bank to make monthly or periodic repayments through the payment methods provided by Hattha Bank. This payment can be made in cash or deducted from the customer's savings account available at Hattha Bank.

Product Feature

Fees and Penalty

Fees and Penalty




Fee per transaction

KHR 2,000 – 0.5%

USD 0.5 – 0.5%

THB 20 – 0.5%

Fee for subscription

KHR 40,000

USD 10

THB 400

Fee for service maintenance




Fee for un-subscription before the maturity date

KHR 500,000

USD 125

THB 5,000

Penalty for non-transaction within 3 months (Effective from the 4th month until the end of the contract)

KHR 20,000/Month

USD 5/Month

THB 200 /Month


·         Improve customer satisfaction by extending payment channels

·         Obtain accuracy and transparency of customer’s payment

·         Reduce operation costs

·         Fast service and save time on cash collection

·         Secure and low risk of cash collection

Note: Hattha Bank reserves the rights to change the above condition and interest rate without prior notice.