Hattha Mobile Service

Hattha Bank leverages the latest cutting-edge digital technology to develop a mobile banking app that allows customers to perform transactions anytime and anywhere through their smartphones. Hattha Mobile brings personalized and user-friendly experience with richer features for effective money management and high-level security that not only gives customers peace of mind but also the enjoyment of accessing those useful features for free.

Through Hattha Mobile, customers can access any banking services such as Balance Inquiry, Download & Print Account Statements, Fund Transfer (both within Hattha Bank and to other banks), Cash To ATM, Mobile Top Up, Bill Payment, Payment by KHQR, KHQR ID, and much more.


·         No service charge for registration

·         24/7 banking access with high security

·         Best user experience and interface with ease of use

·         Move your money seamlessly either within Hattha Bank, between local banks, or overseas

·         Go digital with your daily payment using KHQR scan at hundreds of thousands of merchants nationwide

·         Collect your payment easily with KHQR ID feature

·         Manage your money and view your account statement on the go

·        Send money to anyone even those without a bank account

·        Manage your card securely with features such as block and unblock card and pin setting

·        Log in with Touch ID or Face ID

·        Other useful personalized settings


           Fund Transfer

·         Fund Transfer to own Hattha Bank Account

·         Fund Transfer to other accounts within Hattha Bank (single or multiple)

·         Fund Transfer to Bakong Wallet

·         Fund Transfer to local banks via Bakong

·         Fund Transfer to local banks via Fast Payment

·         Transfer to Phone (Cash to ATM)

·         Fund Transfer to PiPay Wallet

·         Fund Transfer to overseas

           Bill Payment

·         Bill Payment to PPWSA

·         Bill Payment to SRWSA

·         Bill Payment to EDC (Online)

·         Bill Payment for New EDC line or voltage extension

·         Bill Payment for solid waste collection

·         Bill Payment to Bill24 (Insurance, Property, Real Estate, …)

           Mobile Top Up

·         Top Up - PIN

·         Top Up - PINLESS

           Payment by QR Scan

·         Scan KHQR to perform fund transfers to other banks that are a member of Bakong

·         Scan Thai Standard QR

·        Display KHQR to receive payment from other Bakong member bank app users


·         Open a saving account with Hattha Bank with your phone number

·         Download Hattha Mobile from App Store or Play Store

·         Open Hattha Mobile and follow a few simple registration steps

·         Your activation is done in a few minutes


App Store: apple.co/3VHtkfd

Play Store: bit.ly/3Y4kx8T

User Guide: https://www.hatthabank.com/uploads/files/UserGuide_MBDBD_V3.2_EN.pdf

E-Book: bit.ly/43KZR8J

Notice: Bank reserves the rights to change the above information without prior notice.

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