Smart Teller Machine

A convenient way to do banking with good quality and safety, Hattha Bank is gratifying to introduce Smart Teller Machine to customers which enables the use of innovative technologies. The Smart Teller Machine (STM) allows customers to perform banking at any time with Smart Banking 24/7 which is offering a variety of functions such as Self-Account Opening (new & existing customers), Special Account Opening, TD Account Opening, Instant Card Issuance, and many other Services.


Product Features

·         Self-account opening

·         Registration for ATM card

·         Request for a new ATM card in the case card lost, expired, or damage


·         Self-Banking service

·         Anytime banking with Hattha Bank’s Smart Banking 24h/7

·         Fast and convenient without the need to stand in long queues

·         Extensive functions to effectively manage cash

 Note: Customers can also make certain transactions such as money transfer, bill payment, phone top-up, and other non-financial services with Thai Baht (THB) account at Hattha Bank’s ATMs.